Getting Rid of “Stuff”

Friday, July 2, 2010

"For the most part, we, who could choose simplicity, choose complication."
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh, in Gift from the Sea

Perhaps you feel that anything that can be hidden away will not be seen, right? This must mean what is hidden away is not in the way.

Where do you we choose to stash away our forgotten items? Usually it is in the patio, basement or garage. Sight unseen, so this must mean we do not need to bother with such items. The bottom line is, all we are really accomplishing is nothing, basically.

The major purpose of being organized is to have a place for everything.

Where do we need to start? We need to go through the decision-making process. We must learn to responsibly let go.

1. If it is an empty jar you need, save a few in your cabinet and recycle the rest.
2. If it is not working and you do not wish to repair it, toss it. You can buy a new one that works.
3. If you have not worn a clothing or jewelry item since last season, give it to charity.

These are some simpler examples that you can use. You can add to them, of course.

You will gain instant respect by cleaning up your space. By waiting, matters will only worsen. Things do not stay the same and, because we are in a constant condition of change, we will eventually be faced with a total mess if we do not deal with it.
The best part of being organized is the amount of new space created.

Anyone can afford even small bursts of time to get better organized. The more time you give yourself the more you will get done.

A few reasons to get organized

1. You are ready to make a move.
2. You need to rent a room or extra storage facility just to accommodate your things.
3. Your closet is full, but you still find there's nothing in it to wear.
4. You want to earn a wad of cash holding a garage sale.
5. You become aware that someone else will end up having to go through your stuff after you are gone.

For some, getting rid of stuff is easy enough. For others, it can be a real emotional undertaking. Memories are usually attached to everything we own and, because of this, can be difficult to let go. However, with a motivated, enthusiastic approach, the task is like wiping down that kitchen fridge so it sparkles back at you. It just makes you feel good.
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